Sex, soccer and life's little secrets...


Sex, soccer and life's little secrets...

At just seventeen, life is looking pretty good for Tiyane Tsumba. He 's fit, intelligent, and it looks like he's destined for a leadership role at school. Tiyane (played by Leroy Gopal) is also a rising star in the township football team, Highfields Hyenas. In fact, everyone wants a piece of his talent - including pretty classmate Linda (Ratidzo Mambo) who has been kicking up the dust with him since kindergarten.

Tiyane reckons he's above romance. And all the teasing in the world from school joker Skido (Collin Dube) or goading from fellow footballer Nocks (Pedzisai Sithole), won't sway him. His sights are firmly set on one day playing in the English Premier League.

He has the world at his feet.

But accidents will happen. When his father (Walter Muparutsa) spills off his old scooter, Tiyane's game plans come adrift. From the hospital bed, Eliah Tsumba tells his son that he will have to represent the family at Uncle Silas' wedding and forgo that important away game for Hyenas.

Frustrated and angry that he might lose a regular place as team striker, Tiyane takes unexpected solace from long-time friend Linda. Before either of them knows what is going on, they are down and doing things they've never done before in the privacy of Nocks' cabin.

Tiyane would rather forget that it happened but Linda doesn't want to let the relationship go. Before Tiyane knows what is happening, he is falling head over heels in love with the gorgeous Juliet (Kasamba Mkumba) whom he spies across the crowded dance floor at Silas' boring wedding. The mixed-race, upper-class, convent school girl becomes his dream, his ideal, his secret; his other world.

Tiyane's life starts its slow spin out of control. So when Linda tells him she is pregnant, Tiyane responds with anger, denial and schoolboy spite. Unready for love, he is totally unprepared for a pregnancy.

Bitter and confused, Linda tries to abort the baby and nearly bleeds to death before Tiyane unwittingly saves her. But stubborn Tiyane cannot bear to face his problems openly. Besides, when his private world is falling apart, Tiyane is still stealing sporting headlines with his goal scoring skills.

Tiyane decides to say nothing; do nothing. He is only chastened when Skido is hospitalised with an Aids-related illness. By comparison, Tiyane's problems seem minor.

Just when he tries to put everything right again, Tiyane gets the surprise of his life.

He gets the baby - in a basket; dumped on his doorstep. He panics. After a day of bungled baby care, he finally has to admit he has a responsibility. And, for the first time, he has to tell the truth - to his father and mother, to his headmaster, to Juliet, to himself. What is done is done. Now he has a son, at seventeen.

Yellow Card is a story that will touch everyone, a story of a young man trying to hang onto his boyhood. It is a rites-of-passage film, full of action, humour, heartache and absurdity. It has hope and delusion, anxiety and comfort, the desolation of Aids and the desire for a better life.

Yellow Card is a journey towards self-knowledge and responsibility; a cautionary tale about real, life-changing situations, with a vein of warmth and comedy that young African audiences will laugh at, identify with and find themselves talking about.

Sex, soccer and life's little secrets. Yellow Card has something to say to everyone.

You have been warned!

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