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   Tiyane contemplates his problems

   Director John Riber discussing the script with Colin Dube (Skido)

   The cast and crew of Yellow Card

   Tiyane falls in love with Juliet

   John Riber, Director, and Leroy Gopal(Tiyane) on the set of Yellow Card

   Tiyane flirts with Linda (Ratidzo Mambo) as Rita (Yvette Ogiste-Muchenje) calls them in to class

   Kasamba and Leroy fooling around on the set

   Tiyane is a hero after scoring the winning goal for Hyenas

   It's love-at-first-sight for Juliet when she sports Titane watching her from across the crowded dance floor

   Linda is infatuated with childhood friend Tiyane

   On the set of Yellow Card

   Tiyane can't keep his eyes off Linda changing her rain-soaked shirt

   Tiyane and Nocks (Pedzisai Sithole) take baby Ronaldo shopping