Yellow Card proves a point

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Yellow Card: Starring Leroy Gopal, Pedzisayi Sithole, Ndumiso Gumded, Kasamba Mukumba, Sibangilizwe Dube and Lazarus Boora. Produced by Louise and John Riber. Directed by John Riber. Showing at the Rainbow theatres.

I have said it before. And I will say it again: that given a chance and resources, Zimbabweans have the ability to come up with wonderful movies. The lates offering, Yellow Card, deals about teenage sexuality. Tiyane, is a soccer star of the local football team. He falls in love with a girl in his class, Linda, but unfortunately, she falls pregnant.
He ditches her and falls in love with another girl, Juliet. He gets the shock of his life when Linda, who has been living in the rural areas, dumps their child at his parents' home. With the assistance of his friend, Knocks (Pedzisayi Sithole), he manages to look after his son without the knowledge of his parents, but it becomes too much for him until he informs them of his situation.
When Juliet discovers that her lover has a child, she tearfully breaks up with him.
Running parallel with the same plot are the escapades of Skido, played by the late Sibangilizwe Dube, who was known as John Banda.
At 17 years of age, he has been attacked by several sexual infections and in no time, succumbs to the deadly HIV that causes AIDS.
This film adequately serves the needs of the Zimbabwean population, especially the youth as it shows them the consequences of casual sex.
This is clearly shown through the suffering of Linda after she falls pregnant; Skida, who succumbs to AIDS; and Tiyane who, as a teenager has to put up with responsibilities as a parent.
The film is also loaded with humour, especially throught Skido and Boora, popularly known as Gringo in some local dramas.
The movie, which was premiered in Bulawayo last week, is a definite must for all moviegoers.
The fact that it has already grossed more than $1 million is ample evidence of its popularity.
The movie is also accompanied by a very catchy sound track, which includes songs by the Soul Brothers and Jabu Khanyile of South Africa among other artists.

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