Yellow Card latest of local film hits

By Godfrey Moyo
Yellow Card, the Zimbabwean movie that will go to the Cannes Film Festival in France, premieres in Bulawayo next Thursday.
But an added bonus for Bulawayo film goers is that they get to see on the big screen one of their own. Veteran stage and film actor, Pedzisayi Sithole, the only actor from Bulawayo to be cast in the movie, plays the second role to the main actor.
Sithole's charismatic looks and dreadlocks has caught the eyes of casting directors from as early as 1985 when he was a stuntman in Cry Freedom, a story about the life of the late vibrant South African academic and politician, Steve Biko.
Just back from the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) where with another Amakhosi actor, Mackay Tickeys left audiences breathless, Sithole has vast acting experience. he was involved in a World Apart, A Dry White Season, African Journey and the failed Jacaranda, to name just some.

Yellow Card, a love story uses scintillating sounds from across Africa-and it should with Steve Dyer as the director of music. Dyer of Southern Freeway fame is known for an innovative music approach.
In Yellow Card, a story about young people which is however relevant to the both the old and young alike, the soundtrack the viwers all over Africa.
Produced by Media For Development, the 90 minute feature film about sex and love exploits of a teenage boy was shot in English but dubs in Ndebele, Shona will follow to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
Yellow Card which is about growing and self discovery and responsibility is also full of laughs and scenes that many will identify with.
It opens to the public at the Rainbow City in the Bulawayo Center next Friday. Forget Rambo or shoot, shoot and car chase films, this is a genuine Zimbabwean product not to be missed for anything.

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