Exploring minefield of teenage sexuality

By Garikal Mazara
Love is all around. At least, it seemed so for Tiyane Tsumba when he changed girlfriends as easily as he changed his soccer boots, in the film Yellow Card.
That was until he met his match in Juliet Bester, brilliantly played by Kasamba Mkumba. Her portrayal of the role is simply based on one belief: "When acting, don't act but try to be natural and fit in teh role".
Born in a family of three, an older sister and a younger brother to a Russian mother and a Tonga father, Kasamba went to Dominican Convent School in Harare where, though she starred in several school dramas, never broke into mainstream acting. Yellow Card provided the platform for her acting debut.
"I auditioned for Yellow Card and I never thought I was going to make it. When I was informed that I had landed the role I was ecstatic. Although I got into the auditions to fill in time, I am happy that the film role has opended new horizons for me. Besides sthe travelling for premieres, I enjoyed the company and friends that the film provided me."
Kasamba plays the role of Juliet who met Tiyane, a prolific soccer player who happended to have equally profilic sexual hormones.
His hormones were indeed restless. After bedding Linda Karombo, played by Ratidzo Mambo, he met Juliet and the chemistry clicks right on.
Linda was quickly forgotten and after being saved by Tiyane who arrived in the nick of time to find her attempting abortion, was taken to the rural areas. She gave birth there and then came to dumb the baby on Tiyane's doorstep.
The rest was the tale of teenage mentality and reasoning. It must be mentioned though, that the film was very topical and reflective of the tribulations that come across teenagers.
"I did not find any difficulty fitting in the role and there are certain scenes when I really cried because the story line is emotional. For example, when I stormed out of Tiyane's house (leaving behind the baby) I did ahed a tear. It was just emotive."
Kasamba said she would have no problem in real life dating a guy from the high-density areas "as long as there is chemistry between us." At 18, she is still very single and is boyfriendless. Can you believe it guys? But do hold your breaths!
"I will be going to Canada shortly to pursue fashion and designing. As for a boyfriend, not now. I don't need one and it will be a long time before I start thinking about involving myself."
Daveena Brain, the marketing and distribution manager for the film says Yellow card " is not only seriously funny but also seriously serious. The film has been received very well and we are reliably informed by the cinema houses that it is still showing full houses. We might be hitting the one-million-dollar mark in the next couple of weeks."
The film was made as a sequel to Consequences and comes from producers of More Time and Neria. It was produced with the support from the United Kingdom Department for International Development, The Ford Foundation and the Pathfinder International. Sponsorship came also from Air Zimbabwe, UPS and BP.
Given the suspense-filled ending of the film, are we going to see a sequal, many may be wondering. "Maybe, maybe not" was all Leo Phiri (assistent director for the film) had to say.
I thought given the platform provided by Yellow Card, the next stop would be Hollywood instead of Canada, I threw it at Kasamba. "The door for acting is not closed and I will do any role that will come my way."
But what were you going te do and say if Tiyane came up and said let's patch up things?
"Script or no script, I would expect him to be mature and responsible and I would make sure first, that he is not just seeking an easy way out."
Two yellow cards, in the game of soccer, leads to a red card which means expulsion from the game and suspension in the next game(s). Are we going to see another yellow card for Tiyane?

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