Pathfinder paves the way


Pathfinder paves the way

It is largely due to the fundraising efforts of Ms Elizabeth Lule, executive producer of Yellow Card, that the film was made. As regional vice-president of Pathfinder International in sub-Saharan Africa, her reproductive health programmes aimed at adolescents have bloomed in nine countries - Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. A demographer by training, she has twenty years of experience in development and reproductive health management. She is a seasoned manager of large and complex projects, coordinating co-operating agencies, donors and government agencies.

Ms Lule has instigated networking between different national agencies working on adolescent programmes particularly in the areas of STD/HIV prevention, family planning and reproductive health and post-abortion care. The result is that more and more country programmes are now collaborating with other countries in the region. She not only believes, she is actively setting up south to south collaboration.

As a successful fund-raiser and skilled negotiator, Pathfinder International's annual program budget has increased six-fold, from just over $2 million to $13 million, since she became Regional vice-president in 1992. She has successfully leveraged funding from multiple donors including, USAID Missions, the Africa Bureau, The World Bank, DFID, UNFPA, Barclays Bank, and several large foundations and opened new country offices in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

Never one to sit back on her laurels Ms Lule believes "more needs to be done." Yellow Card is visible proof of her commitment.